How to get drone permit in Vietnam?

Get drone permit in Vietnam, flying a drone is legal and the Ministry of Defense is responsible for the regulation of drone maneuvers. Under the current legal situation, you need to apply for permission to the Ministry of Defense if you want to fly with a drone. However, it’s not simple that getting the permit is done, you still need to get mind several notes for legally using. Even though you got the permit already, if you use the drone beyond the legal regulations, your drone will be arrested, more seriously, you will be forced to stop your filming.
This post not only answers how to get drone permit in Vietnam, but also gives you all information of how to use drone legally here.

1. How to get drone permit in Vietnam?

"Get drone permit in Vietnam" can be understood as the next step of getting film permit in Vietnam. If you read our post “How to get filming permit in Vietnam?”, you may know that in order to get any permit, you must introduce your background and your filming purpose clearly. The hereaffter is all regulations related to getting drone permit.

Government Decree about providing drone permit as below:

Competent authority of providing drone permit is Operations Bureau of the General Command Post of the Ministry of Defense.
Address: số 1 Nguyễn Tri Phương, quận Ba Đình, thành phố Hà Nội;
Phone number: 069 533200; 069 533105;
Fax: 04 7337994.

About documents, you must submit according to the list below: 

1. Filming permit form Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) or Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST).
2. Applications for drone permit in Vietnamese and English (according to the form issued by Government).
3. Technical documents of your drone, including photos of it and an explanation of it's aviation engineering features.

At least 07 working days before the scheduled date of organizing flights, individuals and organizations must submit applications for flight permits to the Ministry of Defense.
Within 07 working days before the scheduled date of organizing flights, individual organizations submit applications to amend the flight permit to the Ministry of Defense.
Besides, please note that film permit fee doesn’t include drone permit fee and film officer fee. If you want to use drone, you need to pay for a separate fee.

Get drone permit in vietnam

2. General rules for flying a drone in Vietnam

Based on our research and interpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Vietnam.

- Drones may not be used to carry radioactive substances, flammable, or explosive materials.

- Drones may not be used to launch, shoot or jettison harmful objects or substances or those containing hazards.

- Drones may not be mounted with aerial equipment and / or used for aerial videography or photographing activities without a license issued for that purpose.

- Drones may not fly flags or banners, release leaflets or otherwise be used for propaganda purposes.
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