How to get filming permit in Vietnam?


The importance of obtaining filming permit in Vietnam.

All international film crews who want to go to another country to film are in need of permission from the local government. Not every country has an open policy to welcome foreign film producers, film-makers or at least be V-loggers and each country has their own policy for each case. Here, we would like to emphasize to you the importance of obtaining filming permits, so that your work will be smooth without any legal obstacles. In particular, you must understand that in countries under socialism and democracy which only have one Party like many Asian countries, especially Vietnam, it's even more difficult to apply for a license. In those countries, making films involves politics, culture is a sensitive thing.
It is not simply that you just show that you are only traveling and you capture some landscapes and people. If you are detected that you are using any modern recording tools, or some tools that are not allowed at location... you will be asked to explain to the government right away, or be confiscated equipment, more seriously, will be temporary arrested.
If you are a professional filmmaker and working for transparency purposes, you must consider getting a film permit is the first important thing to do. So what are you waiting for not contacting us, who will help you in not only getting film permit, but also many valid services.

filming permit in Vietnam

How to get filming permit in Vietnam?

By law, all press activities need to be registered and monitored by Press authority in Vietnam:

- For shooting or TV shows, reality shows, documentaries, social news stories, sports and entertainment events, game shows, video song and photo submit application to theMinistry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

- For filming feature film or movies, you submit documents to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST).


It normally takes 2 weeks to get filming permits. However, in order to get them, you must prepare some things below in advance to prove your legalization for entering country and working at local site:

- Passports and Visas of all members of your crew.

- Detailed introduction letter about your company, your crew and your purpose.

- Detailed schedule about script, time, location, equipment list...


Firstly, you must wait for the Department of Immigration under Ministry of Public Security to process journalist visa for each member of the crew. Of course, you can contact us to help you check the result. If you pass and get the visa approval letter, you need to print it out and keep it along with the crew’s passports and your passport photo because maybe you must show all of them in Vietnamese airport in some cases. The fee for visa stamping is US$25 per person.


Secondly, your documentation can be issued by English or your language (if English is not your mother language), but note for you that perhaps you need more help before submitting the documents because it's better  to show in both English and Vietnamese. You will gain high appreciation if you can show the clear content.


Finally, we have many tips for being easier to pass the rules of government, because you cannot be unforeseen some special things that make you image come to worse in Vietnamese government's eyes. More than anyone else, we understand the requirements of our country's government and can share with you if you need.


VIETNAM FILMING FIXER AND PERMITS can walk you through the process, provide advice and sponsor applications to the relevant authorities.