How to rent film equipment in Vietnam?

Vietnam has a wide range of state-of-the-art film equipment which is available for rent. It would be better for your crew to rent film equipment in Vietnam than bringing the bulky equipment by yourself from your country, because it helps you minimize the international transport fee, save time and energy. So, why don't you consider the possibility of renting film production equipment in our country?
Procedure for renting the filming equipment or anything else in Vietnam is quite clearly. The renter just need to prove the personal identification, sign a renting contract and leave some money as deposit according your contract.

You can rent the film equipment by many ways, but we suggest you 2 main ways below:

1. Directly contact to any equipment rental company in Vietnam:

If you know any rental company in Vietnam, they can work with them by yourself. You have to finish contract, deposit money and the rental company needs to keep some of your identification, such as passport of someone in the crew.


2. Using our service, then we will find the equipment you need:

We bet that not all of film crews can rent the equipment by themselves as the first way above, because of complex procedures and language disagreement. If you use our service, all you need is listing all equipment, we will check if they are available in Vietnam or not, then complete all procedures to bring them to you.
We once learned that the baggage cost to bring equipment on flight from London, UK to Hanoi, Vietnam is 40 USD/kg/trip. By the end, we were able to rent equipment for the filming crew with total cost of just 25 – 30% in comparison with if they bring from UK.

Let's check our available equipment for rent here: Film Equipment Rental in Vietnam
How to rent film equipment in Vietnam

Filming in Vietnam

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