Filming sometimes is like gambling, you have everything ready, but unexpected things still happen. It changes and sometimes can ruin your plan. We would like to share with you some unexpected situations we've experienced so you can be aware to prepare plan B while filming in Vietnam.

1. Rain.

Weather forecast in Vietnam isn't always correct. Sometimes it is sunny when it says it's cloudy. And sometimes it rains while it says it's sunny. And rain makes it hard for the crew to film and it changes the scene expected (people run away from rain). 
Rainy season in Vietnam is depend on the location, and nowsaday, due to climate change, rainy season is more unpredicable. However, in the South Vietnam, rainy season usually from May till October, the rain is strong but quick. In the North, rain is usually strongest around Jul, Aug, Sep. The rain in the North is usually longer.

Make sure you have plan B for the weather change. You also can ask us/your fixer to prepare for you umbrellas to cover cameras while filming, or hair dryer to dry equipmen in case water gets in (usually hotels have hair dryer)

2. Roads closed unexpectedly.

It can be natural disaster destroy the road (rarely happen) but also can be due to national funeral.

When a very important political leader of the country pass away, and national funeral is announced, some roads are blocked for the national funeral. 

National funeral also lead to some entertainment activities such as bar, club, festival need to be closed. It would affect your plan if you plan to film them.

3. Disk not available in Vietnam.

There was a filming crew from Germany comes to Vietnam. They had a long filming trip in some countries, and they needed to have some more disks to save the footage (the kind they are used with). They have them sent from Germany to Vietnam by DHL. However, the disks were stuck at custom due to they required import license. 

The production coordinator of the crew and our fixer went together to many computer/digital storage shops to find the disks but they weren't available. They were available in Vietnam 5-10 years ago but not now.