We would like to introduce some stories which you may consider to film.
They may be not stories not being filmed before, but audiences may still find it interesting/impressive/touch their hearts.

1. Rat catching & eating:

In many countries, rats are considered as something not-to-eat, but there is a village in Hanoi, Vietnam, rat meat are eaten by the whole village, as well as the visitors.

It is Canh Nau village, around an hour and 15 minutes driving from city centre of Hanoi.

The village has carpentry as its major job/source of income, however, when rat season comes, many people catching rats and they could earn more from that than working with wood.

The rat season starts around September and finishes around February next year. In the rat season, in average, one day people the village and visitors consume around 100kg of rats. Along the streets in the villages, rats are being sold everywhere. 

To be able to catch lots of rats in rat season, the rat catcher(s) put traps starting around early afternoon, then start to collect rats and the traps at 5-7pm. For 100 traps, he can catch around 80 rats.

Photos of traps:

Rats after catching:

Rats after depilating:

Rats after roasting:

When it is not rat season, people can't catch rat for a living, they would catch rats if there is order to catch. And since rats aren't a lot, they can't put traps, but they need to catch by hands.

Usually they can't do it alone, they need to ask 2-3 others to help with catching rats. They would use dogs (rat-detecting trained dogs) to detech the rats, then if they can pour water into the mousehole, they would do it, and the rat would have to run out, and they will catch the rat. If they can't, they would need to use hoe to get out the soil and open the mousehole till they can catch the rat. 

Price for selling the rats can be around 120,000 VND/kg.

Photos of rat catching

Rat grilling

Rat babies