Film Transportation in Vietnam And Filming Accommodation


1) Film Accommodation in Vietnam:

If you film in cities, film accommodation in Vietnam isn’t a big deal. You have many choices via, … or directly with the hotels. However, at rural/remote areas, you may need our help to find film accommodation in Vietnam. You may need to accept that good quality hotels aren’t available. When helping you to find/book film accommodation in Vietnam, we will bear in mind that you/camera man have lots of equipment, and somewhere with elevator access or a room on 1st floor is needed.

Obviously, the hotel need to be near filming location.


2) Film Transportation in Vietnam:

Car is essential for any filming crew to filming in Vietnam (unless if you film at only one place and don’t need to commute much).

Are you looking for a car service with not only quality of the car, but also a driver with good attitude, and even better, has experiences in filming industry?

Here are few things about film transportation in Vietnam for you to consider:

Most of drivers for hire in Vietnam aren’t familiar with the work of filming crews. They’re more experienced with tourist groups or business people who usually have timing and addresses pretty accurate before starting a trip. Drivers also just have to drive in the way he wants to/usually drive.

However, drivers for filming crews need to be flexible.

There is a tentative schedule and locations, however, depend on the situation, schedule and locations can be changed. Driver usually doesn’t know exactly how long he need to wait. Most of the time he need to be in ready status and stay in the car or very close to the car.

Some days his work can be very relaxing, and some days it can be very tiring with long drive.

Sometimes he would be required to driver faster or slower to follow an object to film. Sometimes car itself can be an object to film. And he would need to redo the driving for filming if needed.

Obviously, he need to make sure to lock the car anytime no one stays in the car, so equipment in the car can be safe. And of course, he need to understand Vietnam traffic law and drive well.

Our people at FilmFixer have the privilege to have worked with drivers not only experienced with filming crews but also enjoy working with filming crews. We can help you to book them, as long as we can make reservation before they’re reserved by someone else.


+ Please understand that in big cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, car mostly can’t park nearby you and wait for you. Car can drop you at the place you want to film, then go somewhere else to park, then come and pick up you when you’re done.

+ In some cases, due to one-way street is applicable for car, but not for people, so if you stop and walk, it may be faster than waiting for car to drive you there.

+ Some filming crews have lots of equipment and luggage (due to big team), and want to have an empty car such as a small truck, or fold all the chairs in one car for luggage and equipment only. However, this is very difficult due to traffic law in Vietnam doesn’t allow this. The car can’t fold chair, and truck is allowed to enter the city only at certain time in the day, not the whole day.

Questions and Answers for Film transportation in Vietnam:

Q1: Can I rent a car without driver, and drive on my own in Vietnam?

A1: Technically speaking, yes. However, there are few things below you need to consider when you rent:

+ You need to have an international driving license in popular languages for Vietnamese, such as English, French …
+ You need to know driving law in Vietnam, and be able to understand signs in Vietnamese.

+ If driving in cities, you need to know where are one-way streets, where car isn’t allowed to park, and such.

+ You need to deposit a big amount, together with your passport to be able to rent a car.

Q2: Can you (as a fixer) drive the car for us?

A2: No, we can’t. We don’t know how to drive a car and don’t have driving license. It’s also too tiring for us to work as both driver and fixer. It would reduce the quality of your filming trip if we have to play 2 roles at the same time.


film transportation in vietnam
Film transportation in vietnam